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Industrial Pineapple Peeling Machine

Industrial Pineapple Peeling Machine

Pineapple peeling machine can peel the pineapple automatically with high efficiency.

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Product Details

        Our patent pineapple peeling machine is suitable for different size of pineapples and controlled by PLC. Peeling thickness of pineapple can be adjusted in the range of 1.5-10mm. The capacity of this peeler can approach to 500PCS/H and is used widely in various of pineapple processing industries, such as pineapple chips/slices production, pineapple juice/puree/jam production, pineapple powders production etc.



        For operation, first, parameters shall be set by touching screen and start the peeler. Put the pineapple to the fruit seat, and then process like fruit in, peeling, fruit and Peels separting, fruit out will be done automatically by this machine. Its high peeling effeciency and good peeling effect have been approved by our clients. 



        Furthermore, besides pineapple, this peeler also can be used for other similar fruits/vegetables peeling, such as papaya, passionfruit, pomelo, coconut etc.   

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