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An explanation of juice production issue
Feb 23, 2017

From many famous media reports in July 2016, the pure water contained in the purchased 100% pure fruit juice ingredients caused customers’ strong dissatisfaction. Meanwhile, except the concentrated juice all the “100% pure fruit juice” and “100% pure vegetable juice” ingredients were issued have pure water or even more content. The news aroused many attention and talk, including the intense criticism for the customers believe it’s a huge trick.


Dean Xiaosong Hu from the Food Science School of the China Agricultural University explained that according to the general national beverage requirement (GB / T 10789-2015), the juice could be the fruit/vegetable liquid products obtained through physical processing and also could be the liquid products processed by adding the certain water, which is as the same as the lose amount. He also point out that according to the national orange juice and orange beverage standards (GB / T21731-2008), the orange juice and orange beverage must show the orange juice content clearly, which means there is not any requirement forbid label 100% pure juice.


Actually, using water and concentrated juice to produce 100% pure juice is the international general production technology. It causes the juice products could have longer storage period and reduced the product cost.


Regarding the juice, there are 4 major types of fruit juice products, which are squeezed fresh fruit juices, fruit flavor beverage, 100% pure fruit juice, and NFC (not from concentrate) juice.


The squeezed fresh juice is usually made by juicer and used instantly. Some water and sugar are added in most cases. The squeezed fresh juice taste not that good, but relatively fresh. As it’s not processed in a formal production line, the processing and sanitary conditions are not guaranteed.


Fruit flavor beverage has a variety of types, whether contains concentrated juice or not, whether contains bubble or not, whether contains whole milk powder or not, etc. But the fruit juice beverage is usually required the juice percentage is more than 10%. The water, sugar, and various additives are conventionally added for better taste and nutrition.


The 100% pure fruit juice actually is majorly made by pure water and concentrated fruit juice. The original juice is concentrated by evaporating its water content for storage and transport convenient, and then sent to food production factory for processing and packaging.


The NFC (not from concentrate) juice is quite few on the market, such like the smoothie is belongs to it. The NFC products are obtained from pure fruit liquid and directly pasteurization sterilized, filled and packaged in low temperature. Moreover there is not any sugar, water and additive in the ingredient. Therefore, even compare with the fresh juice, the NFC juice taste and nutrition are still more close to the original fruit.


Therefore, not all the freshly made juice is cleaner and more health than the juice production, and not all the additive are unhealthy. Customers need more concern about the sanitation condition and nutrition, and get to know the scientific based truth.