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ASP100D Double-end filling machine
Aug 22, 2017

The bag-in-box sterile filling machine is applicable to the sterile filling of viscous or non-viscous fluid such as the natural fruit juice, concentrated juice, jam, vegetable juice, beverage magma, dairy product, pharmacy or other concentrated products, and has been widely used for the sterile package of fluid food such as the fruit juice, dairy product and jam etc. to guarantee the quality of product maximally.

●Fresh packaging form

●Longer shelf life

●Better photophobias and oxidation resistance

●Reducing storage and transport cost,improving transport efficiency by over 20%

Product features

1. The whole machine is made of stainless steel for clean & esthetic appearance

2. The product contact surface Ra<0.8 conforms to the requirement of food hygiene.

3. It is applicable to the bag with different capacity to increase flexibility of production

4. Moving parts are installed with steam guard and sealed sterile room, ensuring its status of sterility

5.The product equipped with the control system consisting of the man-machine interface and PLC is easy and clear for operation. In addition, it also has function of automatic check and protection.

6. Filling is carried out alternatively to minimize the backflow maximally so as to avoid the bad color of product and loss of nutrients as a result of backflow in the sterilization machine for long time.

 ●With CIP function

 ●The double-end or single-end filling machine may be selected depending on the output

 ●Two measurement modes of weighting and mass flowmeter,option for both

Technical Specifications

1.Filling capacity: 240bags/hour 10 liters/bag

2.Bagging standard:1inch opening asepsis bag 3L、5L、10L、20L、25L etc. Less than 25L

3.Electric power: 220V AC 50HZ 1.5KW;

4.Compressed air: 6-8bar   2m³/hour;

5.Food steam: 6-8bar   36kg/hour。

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