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Decanter Knowledge ABC
Mar 08, 2018

A: Principle:

    Decanter is driven by motors. The bowl and differentiator are moved by the motors through belt.  After the differentiator shifts gears, the electrical machine then drives the screw. Thus, the bowl and the screw go round and round in the same direction, and they have different circumrotating speed. After the materials enter the back cabinet of the screw conveyer, because of the high-speed circumrotating, the materials flow to the inner wall of the bowl via outlet. Because the light and heavy phase of the materials are forced by different centrifugal force, the heavy phase aggrades on the inner wall of the bowl quickly while the light phase attach to the surface of the heavy one. Thus, a separation occurs between the heavy and the light phases. With more and more heavy phase aggradations, the vane top of the screw enters the heavy phase layer. Meanwhile, the bowl and the screw thruster, in the same direction, are circumrotating with high speed, and both speeds are different. The relative speed difference makes the granules of the heavy phase moving to outlet, while the light phase forms a channel through screw and flow to the liquid outlet. The semi diameter of liquid phase is controlled by the adjuster.


B: Structure:

Decanter is made up of bowl, screw pusher, differentiator, machine frame, cover, etc.


C: Application in Food industry


removing residue in juice production, soybean protein separation, peanut protein dehydration,  potato protein dehydration, corn protein dehydration, starch dehydration, wheat starch dehydration, animal oil residue removing, plant oil residue-removing, fish powder dehydration, bear yeast dehydration, bone glue dehydration, bone protein dehydration, blood powder dehydration

Petrol and chemical

PVC colophony dehydration, sodium sulfite dehydration, witherite dehydration, Sr dehydration, Sr powder dehydration, isinglass dehydration, titanium pigment gradation, kaolin gradation, lead gradation, pigment gradation and dehydration, vitriol clarifying and separation, calcium phosphate clarifying and separation, coal tar clarifying.

Environment protection

calcium sulphate dehydration, milling materials dehydration, lees dehydration, polluted mud of power plant dehydration, metal hydrate dehydration, pharmaceuticals, metallurgy, beer industry.