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Discarded boiled clam liquid can be developed for food production
Mar 16, 2017

Ruditapes philippinarum, also known as the clam, is an economic shellfish which relying on filters the seawater. It’s one of the top four economic shellfish in the China offshore product. According to the 2016 China Fishery Statistical Yearbook, the clam production in China is more than 4 million tons, which is a key product for aquaculture. Excepting the fresh sales, clams are majorly being processed into salted clams jerky and flavoring clams sauce.


Because of the fresh taste and rich nutrition in the clam, it often appears on the table as a popular delicious food. And the huge clams production also generates huge by-products. The boiled clam liquid among they is discarded usually, which is a huge waste and pollution as it contains rich nutrition and flavor taste, which is not advanced in food processing line.


An earlier research in 2013 had shown the boiled water of Ovalipes punctatus have rich nutrition and flavor substance, which is not only a food source of protein and minerals, but also a source for developing the flavoring sauce with sweet and fresh taste. However the research related clams were majorly focus on its whole viscera, but short of the nutrition and flavor contents in its boiled liquid.


A research of China National Engineering Research Center of Seafood recently showed that the waste boiled liquid in clams processing still keeps rich nutrition and flavor substance. It’s worth to recycle and use for advancing the economy and avoiding pollution.


In the research, the boiled clams liquid was concentrated by evaporating equipment firstly, and then storage in -30°C as sample after drying by freeze dryer. According test the sample, general nutrition components are about 35% crude protein, 52% minerals and 1% crude fat. The 18 kinds of amino acids in fresh clam meat and boiled clam meat were found 16 kinds in the boiled clam liquid, and in a high percentage. The highest one is aspartic acid, and the next are glutamic acid and aminocaproic acid. They can improve the myocardial contraction, protect the myocardium, enhance the liver function, eliminate fatigue, regulate blood sugar level and so on. The 15 kinds of fatty acids in fresh clam meat and boiled clam meat were found 10 kinds in the boiled clam liquid, of which oleic acid (18c: 1 (n-9)) content was significantly higher.


Regarding to the research, the boiled clam liquid has high protein and low fat ratio, plentiful total amino acids composition variety, and fine nutrition value, which is suitable for all kinds of people. With respect to the volatile flavor substances, the free amino acids contain a large amount of flavored amino acids, indicating that the evaporating concentrated boiled liquor can be sweetened and fresh substrates for food flavoring, which is a good source of seafood seasonings production.