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Food Industrial Pitter Application Example for Deseeding the Pit of Jujube/Olive
Apr 19, 2017

There are some seasonal fruit’s ripe period and storage period are very short, which need quick processing for following relative products development. Otherwise the fruit will go to bad soon and cause waste. Most fruit will be processed for produce juice, pulp, jam, sauces, dried fruit and other processed products. One of the important processing steps of all of these products is pick out the fruit pit, the fruit core stone part.


Formerly the deseeding process was performed by human use tools, and then became semi-automatic with the invention of pitter equipment , but the workers are still needed. As the worldwide labor cost keeping increasing recently, the automatic pitter machine  was developed for complete the pit pick off process automatically.


For example, almost all the jujube, chinese date and olive products need deseeding the core. An ancient way is use a tick to poke the pit.


Then some simple tools were invented to make the deseeding easier.