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China (shaanxi) Free Trade Area Of Xi 'an International Port Zone Along The Area E-commerce Kazakhstan Training Class And The Silk Road (xi 'an) Of Taobao University Training Base Was Held The Opening Ceremony
Apr 18, 2018

    Today (18 April) on the morning of China (shaanxi) free trade area of xi 'an international port zone along the "area" e-commerce kazakhstan training class and the silk road (xi 'an) of taobao university training base was held the opening ceremony. Standing committee of the provincial party committee, municipal party committee secretary yong-kang wang, vice President of alibaba group, keen joint for taobao university opening of the silk road (xi 'an) training base, ambassador aslan, special representative of the republic of kazakhstan, taobao university vice-chancellor guo-feng liu gave speeches, regional rui-hua li, general manager of alibaba group, municipal committee, municipal party committee secretary general Lu Kai, vice mayor, secretary of the international port district departments yuan.


    Kazakhstan "neighbourhood" e-commerce training course from xi 'an international port district management committee held jointly with the embassy of the republic of kazakhstan, relying on strong faculty, taobao university invited kazakhstan business association and outstanding entrepreneur, through classroom training, corporate training, "area" initiative reading to kazakhstan entrepreneurs, development trend of e-commerce, e-commerce practice such as comprehensive training, and make the participation students understand and grasp the development opportunity of "area", e-commerce technology and electronic business enterprise operational management knowledge, such as in e-commerce industry to promote bilateral trade between the two countries and people is same.


    Be born of the silk road (xi 'an) at the university of taobao training base, is taobao university set up the first professional in northwest electric business training base, the base will be xi 'an as "area" bridgehead and alibaba group are connected to all kinds of resources, such as electric business platform, to develop xi 'an electric business enterprise and electric business entrepreneurs with taobao university professional rigorous talent cultivation mechanism is connected, booster big xi 'an e-commerce industry development.