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Experts: China-us Trade Frictions Have Little Impact On China's Macro-economic Operation
Apr 11, 2018


    Trade disputes between China and the United States have recently escalated. , experts say, because of China's economy is positive in the stability and long-term stability, good room for manoeuvre large market, the development power, strong toughness, sino-us trade friction will produce certain influence to our country economy, but the overall impact is not big. At present, China's economy appears to be in a steady state. The supply-side structural reform has been deepened, and domestic demand has been steadily expanding, laying a solid material foundation for dealing with china-us trade disputes. At the same time, the net reduction in the net employment caused by trade friction between China and the United States is limited, and the risks are completely controllable. From the foreign exchange market, it is expected that the RMB exchange rate is expected to maintain bilateral volatility in the whole year, and the exchange rate expectation is basically stable. From the bond market, the whole year will basically continue the stable operation trend; Look from the stock market, along with the further deepening of structural reform, supply side domestic economy will maintain a high quality development situation, continuous optimization of industrial structure and consumption upgrade smoothly, to enhance corporate profitability, will be to create a good fundamentals for moderate upward.