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In Xi 'an International Port Area 58 Enterprises Sign Dust Pollution Prevention Commitment.
Apr 24, 2018

    Safeguard iron for haze in order to promote the "blue sky", win the blue sky, recently, the xi 'an international port district construction bureau measures simultaneously, more power to promote the work carries out, urge the jurisdiction of 58 companies signed a "and" two classes "construction site dust pollution prevention pledge", the district construction site and "two classes" corporate governance problems that exist in the project analysis, and from strengthening inspection, to carry out the responsibility, the improvement methods, strengthening the accountability and so on four aspects, study and formulate implementation measures, and obvious effects are obtained.

    Through the convening of the construction site management leading group and the work of pollution reduction work, we will urge and help the enterprises to establish the management system of dust pollution prevention and control, and fulfill the main responsibility of the prevention and control of dust pollution. For prevention and control of dust pollution control work, there is a problem, in violation of the xi 'an international port district construction site and two types of dust pollution prevention and control of the interim measures for the administration of the relevant provisions of enterprise, in accordance with the "red card" "learning" to "punishment" review "open" combined processing, to reduce the enterprise credit rating, cancel the various preferential policies, to stop bidding and other penalties. The jurisdiction of the 13 "two classes", 15 municipal construction site, 30 enterprises housing companies have signed a letter of commitment, and produced the construction site and the "two classes" bulletin board dust pollution prevention management system.