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Ministry Of Commerce: New Comprehensive Measures Will Be Taken At Any Cost To Deal With The Trade War Between China And The United States
Apr 08, 2018


    Against the United States to consider additional tariffs on $100 billion in exports to China, on the morning of April 6, a commerce ministry spokesman responded that on china-us economic and trade issues, China's position has made it clear, we don't want to play, but are not afraid to make a trade war, we must at all costs, and new comprehensive response measures, and resolutely defend the country and the people's interests. On the same day, foreign ministry spokesperson lu kang also said that the sino-us economic and trade conflict, is to stir up the one hand, is essentially the unilateralism of global multilateralism, the provocation of global free trade protectionism.


    "The Chinese side will and listening for the statement," the ministry of commerce, a spokesman for the truth, if the us regardless of China and the international community, adhere to the unilateralism and trade protectionism, China will be the end, do not hesitate to pay any price, must be resolutely back, must adopt new comprehensive response measures, resolutely defend the state and the interests of the people.


    Local time on April 5, us media reported that the President of the United States said in a statement that trump has instructed the U.S. trade representative's office on the basis of "301 investigation", considering the extra $100 billion of goods imported from China tariffs. On the same day, the United States trade representative Wright jersey also said in a statement, consider China in technology transfer, the unfair behavior of intellectual property rights and innovation, support the U.S. trade representative's office according to the provisions of article 1974 of the 1974 trade law take additional measures, but additional duty "no one will take effect immediately.