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Shaanxi Free Trade Pilot Zone To Create A New Ecology Of Innovation And Entrepreneurship.
May 02, 2018

    The shaanxi free trade pilot zone has actively created a new ecological environment for innovation and entrepreneurship through the introduction of dual-creation support policies, the development of double innovation activities, and the strengthening of double innovation services.

     The free trade pilot zone has adopted the measures to promote the space development and create the incubation base and incubator for technology enterprises. Implement the "cluster registration" mode to provide cluster registered address for enterprises entering the district, and support enterprises to start their own business in the trade zone. From the establishment to the end of march this year, the free trade zone has become one of the main platforms for expanding employment, with an average of 40 new market players per day.

     Since listing, free trade area actively carry out double gen activities: "public entrepreneurship among the innovation cycle", through policy propaganda, exchange of experience, interactive and docking activities, promote all kinds of entrepreneurial innovation elements gathered fusion; Carry out the exhibition of entrepreneurship and innovation achievements, and create a good atmosphere for entrepreneurship and innovation in the free trade zone; Carry out the activity of "starting a business in xi 'an", excavate typical cases, promote successful experience, and cultivate an innovative culture that advocates creativity. At the same time, the free trade zone also strengthens international exchanges and cooperation, and connects various venture capital institutions and service institutions to improve the quality and level of entrepreneurial projects. We organized a number of communication activities such as "maker rafting project" and the robot science popularization activity in shaanxi province, which fully aroused the enthusiasm and creativity of the public.