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Shaanxi Provincial Department Of Commerce: Import And Export Documents For No More Than One Working Day
Apr 26, 2018

    Since last year, in shaanxi province business hall around the construction of inland new heights of reform and opening-up, overall planning, strengthen coordination, concentrating on upgrading the enhance the level of our province foreign trade and investment facilitation and promote the province's rapid development of foreign trade, foreign trade growing, extroverted degree of economic development continue to ascend.

    To reduce foreign trade enterprises to import and export documents to deal with time, the province business hall self-compression, reduce the level of examination and approval, the simplified management link, practice capacity deficiency, the import and export documents to handle time by five working days before the shortened instant, pending on the spot. At the same time, the hall coordinate actively involved in the import and export documents for the province of ccpit, shaanxi entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, constantly optimize the process of registration, shorten the time of registration, in the case of not involving state ministries and the examination and approval, import and export documents for the longest time not more than one working day.

    Customs clearance is an important index to measure the facilitation of cross-border trade. To compression customs clearance time, better serve the enterprise, the provincial department of commerce is active with customs in xian, shaanxi entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, provincial port office, set up a quarter in consultation with the working mechanism, coordinate to solve problems in a timely manner. Xi 'an customs, shaanxi entry-exit inspection and quarantine bureau, provincial bureau, provincial tax bureau and other units are constantly innovating, optimizing the process and improving the efficiency of customs clearance. National standard version of the "single window" running international trade, customs and inspection and quarantine departments innovation to promote the "cargo forward" merge "of" manifest 24 service regulation measures, such as the customs clearance efficiency more than 30%.