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The 9th Global Qin Merchants Congress Held The Construction Project Promotion Meeting Of Shaanxi Free Trade Zone.
May 10, 2018

    The 9th global qin merchants congress held the construction project promotion meeting of shaanxi free trade zone.

On the afternoon of May 9, the 9th global qin merchants congress held a promotion meeting for the construction project of shaanxi free trade zone. Vice governor wei zengjun attended and delivered a speech.

    Wei Zengjun said in his speech, the establishment of free trade area in shaanxi province is under the new situation comprehensively deepen reform, expand opening to the outside world and promoting the construction of "area", the major measures to promote the development of the western region. More than a year since its listing, the shaanxi free trade zone has achieved periodical results in the reform of "management and management", the reform of investment and trade facilitation, and the innovation of financial services. Shaanxi free trade zone is becoming a hot land for investment and entrepreneurship in the central and western regions. Current shaanxi is thoroughly study and apply new era xi the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics and the party's 19 big spirit, the full implementation of "five solid" request, high standard construction along the "area" five center, high levels of free trade area construction, vigorously develop the "three economic".

    Wei Zengjun said, shaanxi province is the home of the qin, forever, I hope you go home often, qin personally feel the development of new atmosphere, new development and new opportunity, actively participate in free trade area construction in shaanxi province.